K'NEX Spare Parts Service

K'NEX Spare Parts Service

The K'NEX User Group operates the K'NEX Spare Parts Service worldwide on behalf of K'NEX and BOTI Europe. Whether you want to...

1. replace parts missing from a new K'NEX set, or

2. buy spare parts for an older K'NEX set

...the first step is to click on the name of your K'NEX set below.

K'NEX sets for the Home are shown in yellow, and K'NEX Education sets / very large K'NEX sets are shown in blue.

If your set is not listed, please click on the last option shown, entitled "My set is not listed above".

30-model building set (71688) 35-model building chest (12418) 400pc value tub
4-wheel drive truck
50-model building chest (12211) 50-model Big value building set (12420) 52-model tub
70-model building chest (13419) Amazin' 8 Coaster
Atomic Coaster
Beasts Alive Bronto
Beasts Alive Chompster (34482) Beasts Alive Stompz
Beasts Alive Tri-Stego (34484) Blizzard Blast roller coaster (54401) Chomp Bot
Cobra's Curse Dueling Coaster (51023) Combat Crew 5-in-1 set (31480) Corkscrew Coaster
Crossfire Chaos roller coaster (52417) Dinosaur 20+ Model Building Set (71047) DoubleDare Dueling Coaster (14122) Double Doom roller coaster (55402) Doubleshot Coaster
Dragon's Drop coaster (13075) Ferris wheel 0.56m
Ferris Wheel 0.56m
Helicopter building set (17036) Hot Shot Video coaster (71316) Hyperspeed Hangtime coaster (51414) K-Force K-10X building set (47516) K-Force K-20X building set (47524) K-Force K-5 Phantom building set (47538) K-Force Battle Bow building set (47525) K-Force Double Draw building set (47556) K-Force Dual Cross building set (47526) K-Force Mega Boom building set (47527) K-Force Mini Cross building set (47517) Kid K'NEX Big Building set (71304) Land Rocket building set (82403) Lava Launch Coaster (50050) Light-Up Ferris Wheel (71314) Loopin' Lightning Coaster (71085) Mario and Luigi Starting Line building set (71675) Motorised Madness Ball Machine (50086) Octopus Ride
Octopus Whirl
K'NEXosaurus Rex
Phoenix Fury Coaster (50538) Pirate Ship
Plane building set
Plants vs. Zombies Cone Mech building set (53487) Raptor's Revenge roller coaster (51432) Razor Bot
Robo-Smash building set (13243) Robo-Sting building set (13244) Robo-Strike building set (13201) Rocket Boost Roller Coaster (50054) Sky Sprinter roller coaster (52478) Sonic Blizzard Coaster (71315) Speed Demon Coaster (58108) Spider Bot
Star Shooter coaster
Steel Scorpion Roller Coaster (71844) Super Cyclone Coaster (71945) Super Value 521pc Tub (12575) Supernova Blast coaster (51437) Supersonic Swirl
Swing Ride
Top Gear Car Darts building set (71771) Top Gear Stig's Attack copter / Off roader (71773) Transport Chopper
Turbo Bot
Typhoon Frenzy coaster (51438) Vertical Viper Coaster (12435) 6ft Double Ferris wheel (89713) 6ft Ferris Wheel
6ft Grandfather clock
Amusement Park Experience (78890) Big Ball factory building set (52443) Design and Create set (78800) Discover control set (79013PK) Discovery building set (78650) DNA, Replication & Transcription set (78780) Double Ferris Wheel
Elementary Construction (78980) Elementary maths and geometry set (78720) Engineering Marvels set (78480) Exploration Maths, Sci, Literacy (78500) Exploring Wind & Water energy (77051) Forces and Newton's Laws set (77052) Forces, Energy and Motion set (78790) Intermediate maths set (79028) Intro.to machines Gears set (78630) Intro.to machines Levers & Pulleys set (78610) Intro.to machines Wheels & Axles set (78620) Intro.to Structures Bridges set (78640) Investigating Solar Energy set (77075) K-8 General construction set (79818) Kid K'NEX Classroom set (78690) Kid K'NEX Creatures set (78820) Kid K'NEX Group set
Kid K'NEX Life Cycles set (78930) Kid K'NEX Models that Move set (78990) Kid K'NEX Transportation set (78830) Primary Education set (79035) Real bridge building set (78680) Renewable Energy and Solar Power set (78976) Roller Coaster Physics set (78880) Simple and Compound Machines set (77053) Simple machines deluxe set (79520) Son of serpent coaster (52242) Sorceror's Eclipse coaster (51463) STEM Exploration pack (79117PK) Thunderbolt Strike coaster (51587) My K'NEX set is not listed above

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