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Wir haben kein reguläres System für Kunden-Feedback, da es unserer Ansicht nach zu aufdringlich erscheinen könnte.

Unsere Kunden schicken uns jedoch häufig spontan E-Mails mit Kommentaren über unseren Kundenservice.

Ein kleine Auswahl dieser Zuschriften finden Sie weiter unten.

Die Auswertung des gesamten Feedbacks, das wir anlässlich der 3.000 Bestellungen in den letzten 12 Monaten erhalten haben, ergibt eine zu über 99% positive Kundenbewertung.

I have been SUPER impressed with the ease of dealing with you, especially given that we are in Australia.

The website was easy to use and by being able to search on the set lists made it even easier.

Thank you so much for your outstanding customer service.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that!

Great customer service! 100% positive feedback from this very happy customer.

Website looks old school, but does the job and easy enough to navigate/buy

I would like to thank you for your excellent service. The materials I needed to complete a set I located at a thrift shop were reasonably priced and delivered as promised. Thank you!

Greetings from Canada! Thanks for all your great work on this site; it is a superb classroom resource.
Package arrived today and I wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service and swift delivery.
Other companies could and should take a leaf out of your book and learn from you, from ordering to delivery I would give you 5 stars plus.

Excellent customer service and thank you very much.

Great job, and thanks for your help.Yours is the most useful website I've found for ages.

Order delivered today. Thank you very much. Excellent service.

Brilliant service, many thanks!

The motor arrived. Fantastic, Thanks for your extra effort. Our Son made his first motor project today.

Thank you very much for your excellent customer service. I have now made my purchase.

Looks good. I was absolutely delighted to find your "so very user-friendly" site that made it incredibly easy to replace the lost parts I wanted to replace. During a very troubled time in this crazy world, you have made one very small trouble better!

Your service is amazing. I received the parts today in Canada that I ordered from you across the ocean only 4 days ago. That’s faster than if my next door neighbour mailed me a letter. And everything was exactly as ordered. I really appreciate your wonderful service.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the speed of the processing and delivery of both my orders. Is there somewhere I can review you? I received faster responses from you than I have from companies who are only ONE state away from where I live and you are almost an entire continent and ocean away from Las Vegas, NV. YOU ROCK!!

Hi Andy, just a heads up my K’NEX parts crossed the pond much faster than expected and arrived safe and sound. All good. Very happy with everything. Thx again for your help. Your website is incredibly user friendly and cost effective.

My order just arrived and everything is perfect. I can't say enough how good the K'NEX User Group shopping experience was!

Thank you so much. Items arrived today, quicker than expected. Very pleased with your customer service and website.

Ok great thankyou so much for getting back to me!!! My son loves this roller coaster so much and hopes you be able to use it again soon!! He’s so creative with it and will definitely buy more of these products!!! We will also recommend it to many others!!! We’re happy customers!!thanks again

Thank you Andy, This is a great idea to share new models to replicate. Keep them coming please.

Brilliant service. Thanks very much for your assistance.

Our K'NEX set has been in storage for over 20 years, it is good to bring it out for a new generation of builders

5 star review!

Thank you very much! This is customer support at its finest, why can't every company be like yours?

Thanks so much for these great resources.

Hello! Just rec’d the parts I ordered—wonderful! Thank you so much for the speedy service & reasonable prices.

Great service. 2 happy boys. Now,all we have to do us build the thing.

Thank you. My son and I were happy to have found your website! It's a great resource and we'll keep it in mind in the future!

Order arrived on Monday. Thank you for the super quick dispatch & excellent service.

Thank you very much, what a great service!

Just like to say thank you for a great service and sensible prices. Excellent

Dear Andy, spare tyres received, thank you, very efficient. Grandchildren very pleased.

Thank you very much Andy. Sincere thanks and compliments to your speed, efficiency and customer service!

Thanks for the perfect delivery.

Just wanted to say how pleased I am I found you…thank you so much for doing what you do! I have one very happy little boy.

Thank you Andy for providing this brilliant service! A few small but missing pieces make all the difference…

Thank heavens for knex during these times.

Thanks sooooooooooooooo much Andy, that is really helpful and has saved the day!

That is fantastic news, my kids are over the moon. Thank you very much, this is really appreciated.

Thank you Andy such a great website and service - a very happy son this morning.

We’ve just received the order. Super speedy, many thanks!

Thanks Andy for the great service. Fantasic to know that there's somewhere to go to get all those bits that inevitably get lost over the years.

Thank you for being there.

This is a nice service you have…thank you!

Thank you so much for existing!

Thank you for my recent order placed with you. I am amazed that other companies don’t supply parts ‘as required’ like you do. Your website is easy to use, all parts available are easy to identify (with pictures), and ordering specific parts is amazing. My nephew of 3 years old will love the Kid K’nex wheels & connections I have ordered from you. I will definitely be ordering more from your company. And thank you for such an amazing service.

What a great service…!

Huge thanks from the team at Eastbourne Education Business partnership for continuing to provide a brilliant service

You are doing an amazing job. Great ordering system, fast response time to orders, quick to process and receive. Thank you for all you do!

I have no suggestions, since you guys are AWESOME to begin with! In other words, please keep doing what you're doing so well!

I'm extremely satisfied with the selection of product, your prices, and - especially - your customer service. I also especially appreciate your free resources - including tips, instructions on additional models to build, and so many other excellent links.I was thrilled to find your website several months ago, which allowed my son and I to complete a K'nex roller coaster kit we had purchased, which was incomplete. We were happy to be able to complete the build, and I know that when I'm looking to buy new kits / replacement parts, your website will be the first resource we utilize.THANK YOU for all that you do - and thanks for reaching out. Keep up the excellent work!Thank you so much for your prompt response!! I will not hesitate to recommend this site to others. Fantastic customer service!! Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much for such a quick turnaround. My grandson will enjoy making the model come his birthday.

Thank you very much for your messages and your efficiency.

I received all the parts I ordered very rapidly. Good job!

We received the parts today (Monday). That was LIGHTNING FAST! (Or as the kids say, "fire"?!) Less than one week, from order to arrival! My kids are thrilled! Thank you so much for your help and speedy delivery. Just fantastic! Let the construction begin!

I just wanted to say that your service has been great through the last couple of months. I have ordered from you in January, February and March and I have had no problems. Just wanted to thank you greatly

Thank you. Just got my package, great service and good deals. Will definitely buy again!

Good news: The Items have arrived, safe and sound. I'm most satisfied with this deal, it has been a pleasure. You certainly live up to the highest standards in regards communications and customer care!!!

You guys are awesome!

J’ai déjà passé deux commandes sur votre site et je trouve sa super bien

Thank you for the inexpensive way to make our roller coaster like new - the 5th grade class at my son's school is excited to get started on the project.

En jij alvast bedankt voor de goede service, wij zullen in de toekomst ZEKER nog veel K nex blijven kopen.

Merci pour votre rapidité et votre professionnalisme.

Thank you so much for the speed with which you dealt with this.

Top Kundenservice!!!

Te agradezco tu atención y servicio.

I've been really impressed with the customer service we've received from you.

Merci, j'ai reçu la commande, et je suis très satisfait !

Thank you very much for your excellent service….you made my son happy again!!

I would just like to say your customer service is excellent and we have bought 3 more k'nex sets, we love buliding them and I have recommend it to all our friends.

Thanks for making KNEX fun at all times with the new creations you're making and the ideas you are giving to the kids.

What an amazing service you offer and SOOO easy ?

I think the customer service I have received is second to none - a real delightful experience from initial contact, through to delivery! I honestly was not expecting such a quick and easy process.

I would just like to acknowledge the excellent customer care that your company has provided. We look forward to many more k'nex filled years.

What a quick and nice service; in less than a week al the way to Holland!

Nice to find such an efficient service in this day and age.

Well done.Just wanted to say a massive thank you from my 11yr old! Fantastic service - will definitely recommend K'NEX toys. He built the roller coaster in 2.5hrs.

Hartelijk dank voor de snelle service! Wij zijn alvast zeer tevreden!

Outstanding service thank you. John

I have received them and I now have one happy 8 year old with a completed amazing 8 roller coaster.

May I take this opportunity to profusely thank you for a super quick despatch. My daughter was overjoyed to receive the envelope less than 24hrs after requesting the two parts we were short of. You guys are amazing, we are very grateful. Thanks.

We have received the parts, thank you very much for the excellent service.

Your help and prompt service was much appreciated.

Thank you for the prompt response! I will be ordering from you again in the near future!

Thanks once again - fab customer service!

We've made the tortoise and it's great! Thanks again for your help

Thank you, for your fast reply and delivery of pieces.

Thank you so much for your excellent service! My son will be delighted to finish his super cyclone coaster.

My daughter is more than pleased now she has built her first roller coaster.

Thank you so much for the very quick turn around on this order. Very greatful wonderful service

Super customer service, very grateful to you. 

I have received my order and appreciate your excellent service throughout the transaction.

The set is now complete and built and working perfectly and he's already talking about which set to get next.

Thank you very much indeed for such an easy and efficient service!

Thanks. Received v quickly. V pleased with your service. Roller coaster now up and running! 

Brilliant service  - they arrived this morning!

What a lovely reliable company you are.

Thank you for very prompt service, much appreciated! Diolch!

The item has been well received. Thanks a lot for your promt reply and your attention.

Thanks very much for all your help. Your manner and communication was outstanding. A rarity knowadays from companies. Once again thank you my daughter will be very happy. 

Thank you very much for your efficiency.

Many thanks for the fantastic service and prompt action it is very much appreciated and will make William very happy

You have a really good service. Congrats from Spain

It's been a pleasure doing business with you. 

My son is made up! Many thanks for your help we're very grateful. Excellent customer service, thank you. 

Thank you so much for your quick reply. We have already received the small part for the Ferriswheel an we have a very happy 7 year old!!!

Thank you so much Andy, you are very kind! There will be a very excited little boy here this weekend.

Thank you for your very efficient service. The part arrived in the morning post today.

To let you know my second order arrived today -I now have a beautifully working ferris wheel!! Thank you  brilliant service 

Thanks so much for your fast reply and helpful suggestions. We will start with the wheels and vehicles that you have suggested and take it from there!

That's excellent -we really appreciate it.

Thanks so much, my son will be chuffed! He’s literally not stopped playing with it, its such a great toy! In our house, is played with tonnes more than Lego!!

Forgot to send a note at the time - thanks for such a speedy resolution, very impressed.

Thank you for your prompt attention. My son will be extremely pleased and we will definitely be buying more products and telling our friends how good the products are.

Great product, great site, great service – much thanks.

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