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Section: Wheels.

Approx. 50mm (2 inch) diameter. Can either be used as a pulley, driving string or a rubber band, or as a hub fitted with the 90976 Tyre Medium or 90977 Tyre Large to make a tyred wheel.

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K'NEX Tyre Small

K'NEX Hub/Pulley Small

K'NEX Hub spoked 37mm Grey

K'NEX Tyre Medium

K'NEX Tyre Large

K'NEX Hub/Pulley Medium

K'NEX Wheel 25mm Open centre Black

K'NEX Wheel 25mm Closed centre Black

K'NEX Hub 18mm Grey

K'NEX Hub 18mm Light Grey

K'NEX Hub 18mm yellow

K'NEX Tyre 21mm Blue

K'NEX Tyre 21mm Black

K'NEX Tyre 30mm Black

K'NEX Tyre Racing wheel 50mm

K'NEX Hub Racing wheel 50mm

K'NEX Tyre Racing wheel 37mm

K'NEX Tyre Racing wheel Slick 37mm

K'NEX Hub Racing wheel 37mm Grey

K'NEX Hub Racing wheel 37mm Black

K'NEX Tyre Motorcycle Black

K'NEX Tyre Motorcycle Blue

K'NEX Tyre Motorcycle Yellow

K'NEX Hub Motorcycle Grey

K'NEX Chunky wheel 45mm

K'NEX Wheel 60mm